Tuesday, November 30, 2010


today was working on building the exhaust on the 4dr 610 that belongs to mr. russell misaki,, got it done for the most part just need to finish up the duallies out the back came out super nice makes me want to redo the exhaust on my wagon.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

car of the day

fixing time

so on the ive had some good times in my new car,, but lastnight on the way home from work i decided it would be cool idea to hit this on ramp at higher speed  than normal and it was ok  rear end slid how i expected it to witch is a good thing, so i turned up the "santana" tape cassette and was on my way. suddenly jammin out to "black magic woman" i felt the car almost turn off  as if someone had pulled the e-brake  on me haha,, what happen u ask  the diff was locking up on me, when i turn off the music  i heard my problem very loud winning coming from the rear end. so i took it easy and continued on my way home until  i seen a large cloud of smoke behind me, (ohh shit lol) was my reaction so i thought maybe taking the city streets would be better, ehh at this point the diff was a goner at this point , i had broke the pinion. when i came to the stop sign off my exit the car would not move just made loud ass grinding noise. shewt! good thing matt9000 decided to drop by my house he ended picking me up then we came back to ghetto tow the broken diff car back to my house with my truck. max and mark will  be dropping off the new one to my place tonight ( much thanks he is definitely a life saver) thanks guys pic coming soon

Friday, November 19, 2010

car of the day


wiring and work was my past 2 days  got the harness done and ready to through in the new car, and also had finished up alex's S14 sr20det harness for him ,, tonight should be great going out to hukilau in san jose for a little bit of fine dinning and drinks with friends :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

tsuji 2010


this guy made me hella lol< so i ask "hows your day goin?" ,, his reply is "done with the bitch at work so pretty good"   work has its good moments :)

this evening farting around in the garage


at the show


so got the wagon all fixed up blown fuse and some bad connections on the dizzy made it not spark >.<  made it to the show was a good turn out,, thank you to evergreen high school. got the 2nd place oldies award. i need to get a walker pretty soon as mr.akaishi says gettin old sux ,, well ne ways  need to fix gas leak on the wagon now. and new car is in the works as we speak only the select few know what car i am speaking of!  8D

Saturday, November 13, 2010

hmm what to do..

so lastnight i finished up my car<  after multiple trips to the local hardware store getting new bolts for every thing, getting a new single piece drive shaft thanks to (south bay driveline),, and picking up a few small thing a falore nissan.. i thought i was done but i went to go start it and nothing,, i looked around and it ends up there is no spark,, so im going to have to mess with it tonight. ready for another jouney into the 610 wagon! :)  i love cars