Friday, February 18, 2011


this week has been abit busy got back to us from canada, went out there with max of illegal garage to vistit my friends yuriya, erika,manami. was absolutely amazing went snow boarding at whistler satuday and sunday,sunday night when got back went to a club event that our friend erika's friend was throwing, was super down had live performances and alot of good dancers,abit different then bay area lameness haha. our monday big valentines day <3 max yuriya and i went out to eat at kingyo japanese restaurant food was amazing there and yuriya looked astonishing as always just though id throw that out there, haha, monday night hit the night live of vancouver with i think is a bad day to hit stuff up because of the fact nothing really goes down on Monday nights. anyhow surprisingly there was alot going on as many clubs as ud want rock to house music,, we hit up a kinda hip hop slash top 20, the set up in side was nice the dudes that were there were super big douche bags what evs tho still good times. tuesday got up late partying take a toll on you i guess : p . tuesday got back went to orenchi ramen wich by the way is amazing!! with yuta max and ricardo. wednesday worked all day then came home and finish chris mills ca18det wiring harness. thursday morning dropped mr. mills harness off at his house, turned out to be another successful harness he had it running by that night. thursday night went to dave and busters with juliann dorina for abit then went to gaku japanese restaurant for happy hour, there seared cellary is amazing. friday wich is today woke up dropped of a pair of spare wheels i has laying around to my friend javier for his ae86. now here at work blogging and youtubing.. this week end i work 9-5 saturday sunday have the day off then hitting up wek fest with the heartbreaker crew and most likely cruise around sf and pier39 abit before going back home, hope those of you that read this have enjoyed my rambling nonsense about my week and the adventure i encounter.. take care friends and followers