Saturday, January 8, 2011

one of my favs


hello there

yesterday was cool got some cars out and done was working over at illegal garage with max and yuta, we did 240sx clutch  05 civic wheel bearing and mr.yuta akaishi's honda front wheel bearings and axels somewhat hahaha  "tighten that shit up bro lol".. anywho when we went to yuta's place to get changed and grab the parts for the civic he decided to see if the s30 still was a runner that thing fired rite up!! man straight 6 n/a is where its at, i forgot how good the car sounded and looks driving, he ripped it up and down and around the block. jeezus it reali makes me want a zcar. fuk it  time to upgrade the wagon again these stupid cars are never quite done. i have a few trick up sleeve for the wagon, on the other hand my new daily drive has just found itself back on the streets on the bay area loving every minute of it drive this thing!! those of u that are close to me have seen this item i call my daily driver :) keep u guys posted on the new progress of the rides..  btw thanks max and kelly for the wonderful night!