Tuesday, April 26, 2011

news n cool

so ive been abit tyed up with work and doing stickers not much time has gone in to my vehicles latley/ stickers are comming out amazing wich is really great! yuta akaishi myself and mr. erik knutson have been putting our off hours in to this project. in other news mr.erik crashed into the guard rail the other night and messed up his 1981 te72 corolla. we fortunatly got it bak to my house safley after pulling the radiator suport out with yutas tow strap. later on that week aquired some new parts to get it back on the road again( fog lights,fender,bumper,lower valence,rivets,and some steel bar stock). id have to say the car turned out looking pretty bad ass. next on the list is doing ricardos datsun 710's this guys is all sorts of cool he purchased my 710 sedan that i was restoring and also aquired a 710 wagon it looks a lil ratty at the moment but his ideas for the car are deffenatly coming to life starting with getting it back on the road and being reliable. both of those will most likey show up here for the datsun fallowers to view. i recently sold my datsun 510 sedan so im down to 2 1973 datsuns 610 wagons. up comming will be the corolla project and rebuild of the datsuns should be rather fun and exciting stuff.  ill leave with a pic of the 510 i just sold makes me kinda wish i didnt sell it >.<


  1. Hi guys, how you doing? I'm really interested on your new project your corolla project, I hope to see more about it. :)

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  2. I saw your 610 in Palo Alto back in 2011. Talk about a Heartbreaker, ever since I've been wanting to own one. Too bad they are more than ultra rare in Finland/Europe. So, if you are ever interested on selling it, please hook me up. Our retro japanese car scene could need something like this rolling on the streets. Too bad I didn't see you there in Palo Alto, it would've been great to trade some ideas. Br, Antti Eskeli

    Ps. here's my email in case -> antti.eskeli@gmail.com